Kathryn Jones FdSc AAB

  • Instructor/Trainer for the National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users

  • Associate Member of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association 

  • Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers

  • Top Rated Dog Trainer in Lancaster

  • Professional Member of the Association of Balanced Dog Trainers

  • Mantrailing UK Instructor





Dogs aren't just a job, they are my whole world and I'm passionate about their whole world. 

I believe there is a solution to every dog training issue or behaviour problem, but no “one size fits all” answer. Every dog has different needs, individual owners have different goals, and there’s no single training method that works for everyone. A Clever Approach is just that: clever thinking outside the box to not only get the desired results, but also help you work with your dog.

As a Canine Behaviourist, I have experience with the whole spectrum of dogs, from motivated, easy-to-train dogs, to dogs that are aggressive with people and/or their fellow canines. Working with security dogs gave me an insight into aggression and training that most dog trainers or behaviourists never see. Throughout my degree studies I worked hard to learn the theory and knowledge behind dog training and behaviour, then went on to apply it to problem dogs as a dog walker and instructor at local dog training classes. All this knowledge, gained from experience and study, goes into every session with you and your dog.


A quick overview of what makes me qualified to be a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist:


  • FdSc in Applied Animal Behaviour, at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. A course designed round applied skill as well as theory, to give the students maximum knowledge upon completion of the course. 

  • Former Dog Walker while at University - Walking only difficult dogs with dog-to-dog issues.

  • Instructor for two dog training classes while at University, teaching puppies and adult dogs.

  • NTIPDU – I several months training at the Powys Headquarters to obtain my “National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users” qualification as an Instructor/Trainer/Handler. I was the very first female Level 3 General Purpose Security Dog Handler, and the only Handler with two Level 3 dogs. Qualified Narcotics Dog Handler.

  • PTLLS Teaching Qualification.

  • “Guild of Dog Trainers” Trainer, adhering to their high standard and code of ethics. This provides dog trainers with a standard stamp, a stamp which you can measure the quality of your dog trainer, and training.

  • Experienced in rehabilitating rescue dogs with all behaviour issues, specialising in taking on aggressive dogs and turning them around. To date I have rehomed over 30 dogs in the past few years, pouring my time, knowledge and experience into them to change their behaviour. Most were dogs with aggression against humans or other dogs. 

  • Dog Trainer/Behaviourist at Animal Care, Lancaster - Working with UK Strays, Difficult Dogs and Romanian Rescues. 90% of the dogs now leaving Animal Care, stay in their forever homes.  

  • Constantly updating my knowledge and skill set by attending seminars and workshops.

My knowledge and experience is at your disposal as a dog owner. Working with me means working with someone who has dealt with canine aggression, extreme fear and out-of-control dogs, and turned these delinquent canines into working dogs, or well-trained pets. I always have rescue dogs in my care, being trained, assessed or worked with to achieve a goal that will grant them access to the best life they can have. Over 30 dogs have been given to me in the past 4 years, of various breeds and with assorted behaviour issues. Learning from them has allowed me to help more dog owners with their own dogs.

Attending seminars is something I am keen to do several times a year, in order to broaden my knowledge on everything including aggression, raising puppies, working dogs, scent, separation anxiety and dog legislation. I seek out and attend talks given by well-known dog specialists such as Ian Dunbar, Daniel Mills, Catherine O'Driscoll, David Ryan, John Rogerson, Jane Killion and Trevor Cooper. All this knowledge is available to be passed on to you the owner, and your dogs. 


I hold a qualification from the NTIPDU, which might not be a household name but is a sign of having achieving a standard where the bar is set as high as it can go. While security dog training might not be at the top of everyone's list when looking for an animal behaviourist, I believe it has made me as good as I am. It has given me knowledge in increasing and decreasing aggression, as well as maintaining training, and control, in the most stressful environments. Again, all of this is transferable to aid you and your dog in training. 

I own dogs myself; most are rescues, and all aid me in my behaviour training sessions. They are well-trained Security Dogs, and obedient pets, as well as my companions. Without them I would not be able to achieve the highest standards of training with your dogs, as sometimes visiting dogs in training need to speak “dog”, with a well-trained and even-tempered one of their own. I currently own four German Shepherds, two Springer Spaniels and a Bull Breed Mix.

About my Male German Shepherd, "G": G came to me as a 7-month-old

puppy who had never been outside the home. He was terrified of the world,

lashing out at people and other dogs in aggression. He hated children and

took his frustration and fear out on anything, including me. He was a totally

out-of- control dog, a danger to people and himself. It took me a month to

gain his trust, and three months to get him to want to interact with me or

my other dog. Six months to learn to have confidence in himself, and a year

to get him coming along to behaviour consults and be calm enough around

people. Two years to qualify as a Security Dog, then a year later as a

Level 3 Dog.


After taking him on, I realised he was going to be the biggest learning curve

I had ever worked with. It took time and dedication, but he is now one of

the main dogs I involve when working with aggressive dogs. He is now only

aggressive when placed in a situation that needs it. He was a

fear-aggressive dog, but is now a happy, social and calm adult who loves to

learn new things. He is the reason I am so familiar with fear aggression, the reason I have an insight into the mind of these canines, the reason I am as good as I am. He is the reason I can help you, the owner, with your aggressive dog, new puppy or with basic training, because G put me through it all, and taught me to think for the Clever Approach about each situation we have faced together. 


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