Animal Care Lancaster

Animal Care is a local charity in Lancaster, rescuing and re-homing animals in the local area. They work with not only pet dogs, but also difficult strays and Romanian rescues. 

I am now providing Dog Training and Canine Behaviour for the charity, working with the dogs in kennels, and once dogs are adopted, providing further training (for owners too) to help the dogs stay in their homes. 

Since working with Animal Care, 90% of dogs leaving the centre have stayed in their homes. Call-outs from unhappy owners asking to re-home adopted animals have dropped from 40% down to 5%. This is all thanks to Training Tuesdays, where I attend the rescue centre, speak to potential adopters and work with the dogs. 

Training with Rescue Dogs can be hard work,  as we have limited history to go on, or sometimes none at all. Rescue dogs may well have been abused or under-socialised. Many potential owners seek out rescue dogs over puppies in order to provide a downtrodden dog with a home it needs. I believe all rescue dogs have the right home out there waiting for them… it just needs to be found. 

The staff at Animal Care work hard with their dogs to start the training off right, work on any existing issues and teach the dogs new things. I follow up this training, either in the centre, or once the dog has been adopted, in its new home. I provide knowledge based on experience with my own rescues and countless owners, having worked with many breeds and histories behind each dog. 

Animal Care works tirelessly to help dogs in the Lancaster area, as well as further afield. Please visit their website or pop into their centre in Lancaster to see all the animals needing homes.  

Want to book in for a package? If you have an Animal Care Dog and are referred via the centre to me, or if you can prove your dog was adopted from Animal Care, you will receive a discount on any training with me.

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