Dog Training

and Behaviour Consults 

Canine Behaviour is complicated, so why not ask a professional to help?

Each success story started with investing in training.

Have a dog that won't recall, which is dashing your dreams of walking in the countryside at weekends? Instead you have a out of control hooligan who has chased every bird in the area and knocked over two kids?

Own a dog who mouths, jumps up and generally mauls guests, so now you can't have friends over without the feeling of dread?

Dog showing aggression towards other dogs, and now your up at 3am walking them to avoid the issue and have a peaceful life, but your now tired and resenting the dog?


Any of these sound familiar? Then fill out the Behaviour Consult Form and send it back to Kathryn. She will then be in touch to start your training journey. From pulling to aggression, there is no problem to big or small. 

Or send an email to

Or call 07891201671

Investing in training is investing in your dog’s lifetime. So many people wish they had sorted out behaviour issues when the dog was a puppy, wish they had received help throughout the teenage months, or wish they could have had coaching on how to fix behaviour issues. Well, wish no more! Be the change needed in your dog’s future and in your future as well. Having a happy relationship with your dog can bring out so much happiness in you.

What do we cover?

Kathryn is experienced in working with dog to dog and dog to human aggression issues, as well as bad manners and recall issues. 

She has turned dogs around where other dog trainers have failed, by using a common sense approach to solve the issues. 

She uses her own trained dogs to build your dogs confidence, as well as teach them things only dogs can teach dogs. Socialising them in a way that allows your dog to be a real dog. Its what makes her a specialist in dog to dog aggression issues, as most of her dogs are former dog to dog reactive dogs, who now help other dogs. 

Puppy training is ideally done between 8 to 16 weeks, and Kathryn can tailor all the training to your family and your future goals. - Check out her Blog on whats the best start for puppies. 

Whats the Cost?

Here at Clever Fox Canine we make sure you get the most from your dog training journey, which means we don't do one consult and do a moonlight flit. We invest as much time in your dog as you do. 

The starter for all training is a package of four sessions, which are all booked in advanced. - A single one to one option is available for some issues. We use packages to make sure the problem is well and truley solved, rather than swooping in giving information and then swooping out leaving you with a lot of knowledge and not a lot of long term help. 

The first session is usually two hours long, and all further sessions are an hour to an hour and a half. 

We cover everything to get the training heading the right direction and you will see immediate changes in the first session. 

Training sessions can be in your own home, at a specific location or at the farm in Cockerham (There is a discount for doing all four sessions at the farm). 

We usually book these sessions over a 6 week period to get the best results. We tailor the training to you and your dogs individual needs so some plans are longer. 

With further sessions to be booked if needed.

As each dog is different and each training process is different, this means a personal and specific cost for that. This is discussed on the phone after filling in the initial consult form.  

Fill in the form above to get the process started. 

Dogs adopted from Animal Care please call Kathryn to discuss training needs. 

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