Dog Training

and Behaviour Consults 

Canine Behaviour is complicated, so why not ask a professional to help?

Each success story started with knowledge and understanding. It started with learning about your dog, and your dog learning what you want of them. 

Does your dog drive you up the wall? Have no recall? Make you dream walks and generally make you want to pull your hair out in frustration? Are you getting up at 3am to avoid other dog walkers?

Are you getting a puppy, or already have one and want to avoid the issues above? Get everything started on the right foot?

Want to make those dreams a reality? Sitting in a cafe enjoying a drink with a settled dog, or going on a real life adventure without the worry of your dog running off after sheep on the fells. These aren't just dreams or maybe, they can be something you actually achieve with your dog with training. 

One to One Tailored Dog Training Packages -

  • Split between weekly sessions and monthly sessions. For as long as you need. 

  • 100% personalised to you and your dog. No one sized fits all. 

  • Use of my own trained dogs where needed, who have turned countless dogs around. 

  • Secure indoor training to practice in a safe environment. On hire from The Dog Place. 

  • Real world training when ready - The streets, the pub or the countryside. You name it. 

  • Access to my TURDS - Troublesome Unpredictable Reactive Dog Support training group. Strictly for my clients only. 

  • Suitable for everything from basic skills such as recall, bad manners and aggression issues. 

  • No boring online courses, only real life one to one help. 

  • No classrooms filled with other barking dogs, and the same boring training each week.

  • Specialising in aggression and reactivity issues. 

  • No jargon and complicated nonsense, just real dog training. 

How do I get started? 

Fill out the Behaviour Consult Form then Kathryn will arrange a call to discuss the training plan, and then we get the ball rolling. 

Perfect Puppy Package - 

  • Weekly sessions supporting you from the day you bring your puppy home. 

  • No struggling alone, and turning to google. 

  • Real world advice and training, setting your puppy up to succeed.

  • Using my trained dogs to teach your puppy how to act, and be social.

  • Setting up real life training scenarios in cafes, and on adventures. 

  • Teaching you how to teach your puppy. 

  • From one month of help right up to one year of support. 

  • Access to me on the phone for support and guidance. 

  • Access to secure indoor training to provide a safe place to train. 

  • No chaotic classes filled with boisterous puppies. 

  • No online text book nonsense, just real life training. 

  • Proof is in the pudding, see my dogs in action on social media and real life.. 

Need help with your puppy now!

Then fill out the Puppy Consult Form and Kathryn will be in touch to turn your problem pup into a perfect puppy! 

Video Consults - 

  • Immediate aid for problems in the home.

  • Personalised plan of action and support when needed.

  • Enables you to work with me, even if your not in the catchment area. 

  • Discounted compared to face to face training. 

  • Not an online one sized fits all course, but online support tailored to you. 

  • Perfect intro into training, for puppies or adult dogs. 

This is on offer for those who are not local or need immediate help before seeing Kathryn in person. 

If you have a dog from Animal Care please call Kathryn directly for immediate help. 

Prices are per situation, and will be quoted after you get in touch.