Gold Package 


Find your dog is perfect one day, and a terror the next?

Find yourself unable to enjoy walks as you dread your shoulder being yanked out if its socket?

Have a dog who is climbing the walls as they are bored and you don't know how to fit it?


Despair no more, Kathryn has the solution!  


Each and every session is designed for you and your dog. Kathryn will not only teach you how to cope and change your dogs behaviour, she will also teach you how to understand your dog.


Fed up of being stuck in the back of a training class being ignored, struggling with gaining your dog attention? Feeling deflated once your home, and just shattered from the sheer will power to keep going? Let Kathryn help you make it easier and more progressive in just one session. 

Gold: This package is for any issue you might face, such as  improving listening skills. Some aggression cases are suitable candidates, or it can be a puppy package without all the bells and whistles, as well as teaching home manners or manners in public. It is also suitable for dealing with separation anxiety. This package runs over 3 months in order to work with you and your dog closely.


Month one: Assessment session in the first week, and then weekly sessions for the rest of that month – these weekly sessions take place in the home and on location. We will go out and train in the real world, as well as in the comfort of your own home.


Months two to three: Training every other week for each month, tailored to you, with coaching sessions either out in public, on location, or at my farm. 


Training can take place at my farm in Cockerham, providing a safe and secure environment for training. It is especially useful for recall training, and manners. But it is usually best to see the dog in its home environment first, and see how the dog is in general. Behaviour issues are never due to just one thing but a combination of many; we have to work to sort them out.

Whats stopping you?

Call today to find the perfect package for you 07891201671 

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