Trailing K9's -Mantrailing

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Don't need one to one help? Want to learn a new sport? Fancy gaining more focus?

Mantrailing is one of the UK's fastest growing dog sport. It is suitable for every dog, and highly addictive for both dog and owner. 

Mantrailing is an exciting new dog sport that teaches you and your dog to hunt down a missing person. Basically search and rescue, but for fun. 

We are harnessing your dogs strongest sense, his sense of smell and using it to teach them a new skill. 

It is THE sport for every dog as any dog can do it. I mean any! 

Any Breed - This sport allows all dogs participate, working breeds such as spaniels or pointers excel but lurches, great danes, dobermans, and a whole host of breeds train. 

Any Age - You can start from the moment your puppy can go out or it is the ideal training game for older dogs. It is low impact on joints as it is all at the dogs pace. 

Any Temperament - If your dog is dog reactive, or had issues with humans this is THE sport for you as each dog runs individually, and there is no direct human contact needed. 

Any Training Level - This is all trained on the lead, so if your dog has no recall or pulls on lead we don't mind. All we ask for is enthusiasm. 

Its on the dogs natural instinct to hunt "prey" we just work on it in a fun way! Its 100% fun based, and we work with what motivates your dog. Food, toys or a giddy party! 

You can literally trail anywhere, we meet up to train all over the local area. 

How do you start? With an introduction course - This is a basic intro into the world of mantrailing and the fun to be had with it. It is three hours long and held at the farm. We work in small groups and become the "missing person" for each other. This is £55 and the next intro date is to be confirmed. 

Further sessions are held all over the area, or at private areas are their cost ranges from £20 upwards for three hour training sessions. 

Keep up to date on the latest dates for Mantrailing introductions via Email or find us on Facebook 

Once you've tried it you'll be hooked! I now trail with three of my dogs and adore it!

For more information go visit Mantrailing UK