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Pup Dates is a new, and clever approach to puppy training and socialisation. For puppies aged 8 weeks to 20 weeks (5 Months Old), to provide socialisation and teaching at the biggest learning stage.

Forget out dated classes in a hall where you don't get the one to one help they need, being stuck in large groups. Standing in a cold hall, being dictated too, puppies not allowed to interact, creating frustration and disheartening you comparing their puppies progress. 

Forget puppy parties where puppies are allowed to bully each other and learn to be bullied, or bully themselves. Puppies out of control, learning to act impulsively and jump on everyone, carrying on into the real world. 

Forget working alone. Working from tips on google, that just don't seem to work. Struggling to understand your puppy as an individual. Helping dog you understand your puppies.

Instead attend Pup Dates where we will work in a real life environment, setting the puppies up from the start to behave, learn and enjoy being out in the world, as a social member of the family. Each session will take place at Vicky's Coffee and Cupcakes in Garstang, a central town from Lancaster, Blackpool and Preston. The Cafe is ran by an avid dog lover, and has set the cafe up to be as such. 

Each session will cover basic obedience, basic manners in the real world, and socialisation with other puppies their own age. Each session will have no more than 6 puppies training in it, so keeping numbers small and owners the chance to engage and ask questions. We will teach them to settle in a realistic environment, setting them up to be a social and happy puppy. 

Not only will each session include practical puppy training, professional dog training and behaviour advice, and basic nutrition, help with understanding medical issues, for training plans and puppy play. But it will also create time for owners to meet each others, chat about the issues their facing with others who understand, and have a social time. 

We will work on issues such as - Chewing, Mouthing, Recall, Running Away, Sit, Down, Toilet Training, Grooming and much more. 

The icing on the cake is the Cup Cakes! (Excuse the pun), both for owners, and the puppy version Pup Cakes! All baked by Vicky in store.

Each session will include a Pup Cake, Cup Cake and Hot Drink from the Cafe. As well as all the dog training and knowledge to get every puppy heading in the right direction!

Session are run at 1 -2.30pm and 6 -7.30pm every Monday, and booking is essential.

Joining forms - Puppy Info / Disclaimer 

£15 for each Pup Date, which includes a pup cake, cup cake and hot drink, for one puppy and one owner. As well as all the puppy teaching knowledge you can take in. Each added owner or puppy is £5. 

Want to secure your place? Book in for 4 lessons in advanced and get £5 off. £55 instead of £60 for 6 hours training! Plus a free pack of Pooch and Mutt Treats! (Booked and paid for at the first class).

Booking to be made to at least two days in advanced, to ensure your place. 


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Call: 07891201671

Email: cleverfoxcanine@hotmail.com

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