Whether you have had many dogs or none, each puppy's behaviour is different. Asking for advice to have the best start with your puppy's training will set you up for a life time of good behaviour, rather than setting in bad habits. 

Each session is based on your and your puppy, instead of puppy training classes where puppies can be distracted and you don't get the attention from the puppy trainer, or don't feel confident to ask questions. 

Working on a one to one basis means you and your dog have my 100% attention and puppy training knowledge, we can cover anything your having issues with, and I can guide you through to adulthood with your puppy. You have my guidance for years, not just a 6 week puppy training class. Asking for advice as they develop and having one to one training time where needed, it's flexible for each stage of life.

Having reared my own puppies, as well as worked with litters from birth, you get more than just text book knowledge, but instead training from someone with hands on knowledge. Education from real puppies, as well as seminars and course education, which can all be passed on to you and your puppy. 

I use my own well mannered and trained adult dogs to teach your puppies manners, in a way only dog's can.

(Check out my Blog for more information on the different starting points for puppies)


Each puppy and their owner are different, I can provide a session in your own home where we go through: 


  • Toilet Training

  • Biting/Chewing

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Basic Commands

  • Meeting Other Dogs

  • And much more



Puppies go through their main socialisation period from 6 - 16 weeks, in that time you as the owner need to expose them to everything you can. 


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