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Do you call your dog something other than its given name on a walk? Are you up at silly hours trying to avoid all other dogs? Do you pray for wet horrible weather so you can walk alone? Do you dread a dog off lead? Are you fed up of hearing “My dog was only being friendly”? Then this is the group for you!

Having a reactive dog is hard work. Many owner’s lives turn upside down once their dog starts to react at other dogs. Having to walk to at all hours to avoid other dogs, constantly alert when on a walk. It's tiring to say the least, and horrifying should the worst happen. It might seem like no one else understands the position your in, your alone in the struggle with your reactive dog. NOT ANY MORE!

Here at Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour we have created T.U.R.D.S. – Troublesome. Unpredictable. Reactive. Dog. Support., exclusively for owners, with dogs that are dog reactive. To provide you with support and training, in order to help you conquer your dogs issues, and become a happy team together. 

It is a place to work with other people in the same situation, and equally reactive dogs to learn together how to interact normally and enjoy walks once again. Teaching you how to teach your dog to be less reactive and work as a team, not against each other.

We will be meeting one weekend a month as a group at my farm in Cockerham, an easy reach from Lancaster, Garstang, Blackpool and Preston. 

The first hour is working on the dog’s behaviour around one another, which will be obedience and general manners. Followed by a social event where all the owners can discuss their progress or talk about the issues they are facing day to day.


If your dog can learn to non-reactive around other reactive dogs, then it can certainly be non-reactive around other dogs. 

The support doesn't finish with training once a month, it continues online with a dedicated Facebook group for members only for support outside of training, or a place to moan about other dog owners as well as what you TURD has been up to. 

Their will also be a exclusive monthly email offering advice, training, offers and much more only for TURDS members.

I have owned previously reactive dogs, and work most often with reactive dogs of all breeds. You will be not only getting support from other dog owners experiencing the same issues, but also from an experienced professional who works tirelessly to help dogs become less reactive and once again enjoy their walks.

The club offer is only open to people whom have already seen myself for a Behaviour Consult and been deemed suitable for these classes. 

Working with reactive dogs can be dangerous and each owner must take responsibility for their dogs, and the others around them. Muzzles (Muzzle Training - See my Blog to help) will have to be worn if requested by myself, and only suitable equipment for training is allowed. Anyone failing to listen to instructions or use the correct, safe equipment will be banned. 

Each dog and owner must have seen myself for a one to one behaviour consult (Behaviour Consults) or assessment before joining the group to start training before joining. 

Membership is £20 for the years membership, and then £8 a class


Get in Touch

Call: 07891201671

Email: turdsgroup@hotmail.com or cleverfoxcanine@hotmail.com


The First Saturday and Sunday of every month 

10am onwards at Sandvilla Farm, Cockerham, Lancaster, LA2 0EW. 

The first hour will be training, followed by tea and biscuits (Dogs to be left in vehicles) for the owner socialisation. 

You can attend one or two of the monthly sessions, is is up to you. 

Future Dates: 2nd and 3rd September, 30th (Sept) and 1st October, 4th and 5th November, 2nd and 3rd December

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